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Workplace injury and the benefits of different types of training to prepare you

According to a number of research papers and resources, somewhere between 40% and 70% of all employees – that the global employees, of each and every industry on the planet – will end up having to contend with some form of workplace injury over the span of their lives.

While that number seems a little bit on the high side at first glance, I’m sure that you yourself have likely found yourself in some of these unique situations – and it’s likely that you’re also aware of others that have dealt with workplace injuries and workplace related health problems.

Smart and savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are doing absolutely everything they can to mitigate workplace injuries across the board, creating healthier and safer workplace environments for each and every one of their employees. However, you need to take full advantage of all the benefits that different security and safety protocols and trainings provide you – and sometimes you may need to get these additional initiatives underway all on your own.

Inquire with management as to which safety training solutions are available to you as an employee

One of the biggest reasons that employees don’t receive the kind of safety and security training they should is simply because they are unaware of the opportunity to move through those safety and security protocols.

Though most management teams are under a very specific directive and requirement to provide each and every one of the employees underneath them with the very best security and safety training possible – as well as each and every opportunity to become certified in those training protocols – some management personnel are more effective at carrying this out than others.

You need to make sure that you are always in complete and total charge of getting this kind of safety and security training for yourself, and that you inquire with the management team above you as to which protocols are available or provided.

Make sure that you will have the “industry standard” safety and security training protocols provided

There are specific industries that have a number of “industry standard” safety and security training protocols that each and every employee or member of that industry is required to hold, and you’ll want to make sure that management is providing you with the opportunity to secure those certifications just as soon as humanly possible.

For instance, the construction and workplace industry has to provide the OSHA training protocols to each and every one of their employees, and also has to abide by the security and safety regulations established by that governing body.

Those in the oil and gas industry are going to need to move forward with the H2S Alive training protocols as well, as it is the “industry standard” training solution for those two global industries.

This is something that you’re going to want to take up with management shortly after you are hired, and maybe something that you want to inquire about before you conclude the interview or application process.

Though it will likely be your employer’s responsibility to provide you with these opportunities, it’s definitely your responsibility as a person to make sure that you aren’t “falling through the cracks”.

The major benefits of these security and safety trainings and protocols

The major benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you go through the security and safety trainings and protocols are rather simple and straightforward.

  • For one, you’re going to feel more confident at your position, and that confidence will immediately translate into more and more efficient and effective work.
  • Secondly, you’re going to know that you are prepared for any and every eventuality to the best of your abilities – allowing you to manage high pressure or crisis situations without cracking.
  • Thirdly, you’re going to enjoy the safety and security that comes from knowing that each and every one of the employees around you has also gone through the same level of training that you have – creating a safe work environment that you can work your best at in.

Obviously, this is nowhere near a complete and total list of all the benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy once you have gone through safety and security training and protocol – but they are certainly some of the most impactful.